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Unity Christian School was founded in 1978 as a non-profit, Christian School.  UCS is non-denominational, in that we are not aligned with any one particular church. Currently our student body consists of families representing over 58 area churches and 20 different communities throughout Southern Illinois.

A Day in the Life at UCS

Created by 7th graders:
Zeke Sanderson and Johnathon Daly
Mrs. Coop Technology Class.

UCS Social News

We have a saying at Unity Christian PreK.......... "What happens in PreK stays in PreK". However, today I will break the rules and share a few gems with you. Lol😂 (yep, all these actually happened today, this is just a few.)

Teacher: Do you know what "diligent" means?
4 year old: No, I don't speak Spanish.

4 year old sitting in the hall to a teacher walking by: I'm not in trouble, I wanted to come out here.

Teacher: Let's make good choices.
4 year old: I'm taking medicine every day now.

Teacher: Why didn't you stay on your nap mat today.
4 year old: I don't know how to close my eyes.

God is Great. God is good........ We now are fed, Thank you for our dairy bread.

Here's a oldie, but a goodie. Lol
Teacher: what happens when we lie?
4 year old: Your whole family gets leprosy and dies.
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Mrs. Dover's 6th grade class enjoying this beautiful weather while make models of Brian's camp from the novel Hatchet! We can't wait to see the finished projects. Stay tuned.... ... See MoreSee Less

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After reading Hatchet in 6th Grade, they are completing this hands on project and modeling the Camp! #6thGrade #HandsOnLearning #HatchetProject #UCSwarriors ... See MoreSee Less

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Pastor Derek Downs from First Baptist Church in Galatia! ... See MoreSee Less

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