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Suzuki Strings

Music and fine arts have the power to develop human potential.  Through a partnership between Unity Christian School and Paula Melton, Director of SIU Community Arts Outreach – College of Liberal Arts, we are excited to implement Suzuki string classes during the school year! Curriculum includes the Suzuki Method, classical literature, learning note reading/ensemble skills and reinforces classroom goals.

Music/Musical Programs

Unity Christian School prides itself on providing classes and activities that enrich the students' outlet for creativity.  Our music classes provide just that!  The students learn basic music theory and note recognition, correct vocal tone production and moving to the beat.  The students practice these and many other musical skills as they prepare for two major music productions per year.


Unity Christian School provides opportunities for art in each classroom.  Classroom teachers utilize various art projects to illustrate the concepts students learn in subjects such as social studies and language arts.

HCC Competition

Unity Christian School participates in the Heartland Christian Conference each year.  HCC offers a variety of activities throughout the year allowing students the opportunity to work toward mastering skills in the areas of Bible, Spelling, Lanquage Arts, Math, Poetry, Music and Speech.  Students in 4th - 8th grade compete against other area christian schools.  Competitions are held every year in the fall and spring.