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Pre - K

Full-day program 

K-3 and K-4 classrooms 

5 days a week Before and after care available “in-house” 

Private Playground  

Teaches Bible, Manners, Skill Development, Phonics, Reading, Writing and Simple Math Problems 

Unity Christian School is proud to offer an outstanding Pre-K program that provides young children a structured learning environment paired with age-appropriate learning and activities. Pre-kindergarten at UCS is designed to give children a love of learning at an early age!

Teachers provide a balance of structured learning time with hands-on experiences as they work to instill Christian values in our youngest children.  Students who attend Pre-K and Kindergarten at UCS consistently score much higher than the national average on standardized testing and enter 1st grade with an excellent foundation in reading.

Children in the Pre-Kindergarten program also build social skills by establishing their first friendships while excelling academically by learning skills in handwriting and reading.  Many preschoolers are reading full sentences with one and two-vowel words by years end.